Pride and Passion

By Kent Kuehl

Whether your career lies within sales or within any other profession, the word “trust” is always at the fore front of developing a relationship with the customer.  Entrepreneur legends Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziegler and Jeffery Gitomer all address common themes that focus on advice and how to increase and improve sales performance.  They define trust as being the most important first step.  No trust, no relationship, no sale.

If you look up the word PRIDE in the dictionary, the definition is not very flattering.  It is defined as: 1 a) an unduly high opinion of oneself; exaggerated self–esteem; conceit. 

Personally, I see it as something different.   Each individual should have some sense of PRIDE no matter what one chooses to do in their career or with life in general.

P – ersistence: to do what motivates and drives us.

R – esilience: to move forward after we fall short of our goal.

I – ndependence: to be self-reliant and a positive example to others.

D – etermination: need I explain?

E – xecute: to follow through with a plan to meet your goals.

Since joining the Induron family, I have personally witnessed PRIDE in action, whether it be in production, customer service, R & D or through management.  This is evident within all areas of Induron whereby all levels of persistence, resilience, independence, determination or execution are consistently demonstrated.

In the book “When Pride Still Mattered, A Life of Vince Lombardi,” by David Maraniss, the difference between men, Lombardi says, “is in energy, in the strong will, in the settled purpose and in the invincible determination.” I guess one could refer to this statement as PASSION.

If we are smart, we learn from those that have gone before us.  If we are humble, we teach those that will follow us.

Induron has a tagline in their marketing materials which reads “LOOK BENEATH THE SURFACE.”   This phrase may be directed toward a paint metaphor but personally, I think it’s much deeper than that.

Welcome to the Induron way!

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