On a Mission at Jimmie Hale Mission

Brenda Robbins, Induron Controller

We are always looking for ways to help others at Induron. Our ideal volunteer opportunity involves supporting the community and making our team stronger by working together for a great cause.

Davies Hood, Induron President, recently attended a Kiwanis meeting where he heard Tony Cooper, Executive Director of The Jimmie Hale Mission speak. Since 1944, The Jimmie Hale Mission has been a shelter for the homeless and a feeding station for the hungry in Birmingham. For many, the Mission has not been their last stop but the first step toward a changed life.

Davies felt strongly about their mission and thought this would be a great cause for us. He quickly brought the idea of volunteering at Jimmie Hale back to the office and asked me to help coordinate.

The process of organizing was actually pretty simple. Once we passed the idea on to our managers and employees, we had an immediate positive response.

We weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but once we showed up to work, we could see that the staff at Jimmie Hale was extremely organized. We took 10 people from our staff, and some of us were put behind the counter to serve plates while others were out front to pour drinks. They even showed us how much food to put on the plates!

We served about 75 people that day. The men who received lunch were very appreciative; a number of them made a point to thank us for serving. It was very rewarding. All of our employees enjoyed it and were impressed with the organization as a whole. It was also humbling to see that the people we were serving looked no different from us. We could all find ourselves in that position one day if faced with certain circumstances.

Everyone who volunteered from Induron would love to serve again, and those who weren’t able to help the first time would love another opportunity to go, so we will definitely be back on a regular basis.

To read more about The Jimmie Hale Mission’s history, programs, success stories, how you can help and more, check out their website.

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