Meet Part of The Induron Family: Willie Brown

The greatest asset a company can have is dedicated employees. And it’s the time of year when we’re especially thankful for our long-term employees who go above and beyond every day. We’d like to introduce you an employee who has been here nearly four decades – Willie Brown.

“I’ve worked all over the Induron plant,” Willie said. “Now, I drive the delivery truck and work in the warehouse.” He’s been working at Induron for 38 years, and loves his job.

“I love my job because it’s challenging,” he said. “My department gets orders ready to go out to customers – we’ve got to make sure they get the right paint in the right color and the right amount. I like that at the end of the day, I can stand back and say, ‘Well, I made that happen. I made it right.’ I figure that’s my top priority – to make sure our customers have what they need and they have it on time.”

Willie began coming to Induron with his uncle when he was just 6 years old. “My uncle would bring me out on a Saturday, and Mr. Hood told me when I was just a boy, ‘Junior, when you get to be 21 years old, I’m gonna give you a job.’ And he did. I’ve been working here ever since.”

“Willie is a very friendly, personable guy who has been working here at Induron for all of my practical life,” said Davies Hood, Induron Executive Vice President. “I first met Willie in the days I toured the plant as a little boy, and I always remember a smile and a friendly word of encouragement. These personable traits make Willie a great fit in our Customer Service Department and a good face of our company for many of our local customers.”

In 38 years, you’re bound to collect a few good stories. One of Willie’s favorites was when he first started working on a lift, but didn’t know how to stop it. “I had about 200 gallons of paint all over the floor,” he said. “It sure wasn’t funny at the time, but it is now. I guess you’ve gotta make a few mistakes along the way.”

When Willie isn’t working at Induron, believe it or not, he’s still working with paint. “When I’m off work, I paint houses. I like to do that, because I can stand back and look at my work and know I made the house look better.” He also likes to fish and tinker around with things. “I like everything that challenges me,” he said.

Willie has been married to his wife, Annie Lois, as long as he’s been working at Induron. “I love her very much,” he said. They have three grown children – Katricia, Willie and Justin, and eight grandchildren. Willie is looking forward to his grandchildren getting a little bigger so he can take them fishing.

“Induron has been quite delightful,” he said. “I’ve made a good living here, and I enjoy the people I work with and the ones who are retired.”

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