Meet Part of the Induron Family: Rafic Rohman

We’re proud to introduce you to the second employee in our “Meet the Induron Family” blog series:Rafic Rohman.

Rafic works as a chemist in Induron’s Research and Development department, an area integral to the development of new products for our customers. He’s been working with Induron for seven years. “Basically, I design, develop and formulate new cutting-edge, high-performance coatings for Induron so that we can compete successfully in our marketplace,” Rafic said.  “I formulate the products and test them for physical and chemical performance. Once the test products pass all the critical requirements, they are approved for sale.”

“I enjoy developing cutting-edge technology for Induron,” he said.

Induron Executive Vice President Davies Hood said, “Rafic brings some wonderful diversity to Induron – he is originally from the beautiful island of Mauritius, and he also speaks French and French Creole. Before coming to work at Induron he lived in…Arkansas!” 

One of Rafic’s favorite things about Induron is the people. “What I like about Induron is the friendly team work and excellent working environment from top management and production to sales and marketing personnel,” he said. “It is a pleasure coming to work every morning with fresh ideas, being able to share them, and then go on further to make a breakthrough in the coating technology industry now and then.”

When Rafic isn’t working, he enjoys reading and seeing the countryside. He also travels overseas whenever he can. He and his wife Sofie have three daughters – Hanaa, who is a graduate in Architecture at Princeton University; Farah, who is studying Bio-Medical engineering; and Linaa, who is in high school and enjoys drawing and photography.

Hood said, “Rafic is a delightful guy with a real entrepreneurial attitude.”

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