High speed rail or safe drinking water? You decide.

by Davies Hood, Executive VP, Induron Protective Coatings

I love hearing that the U.S. government is going to invest $3.2B in our nation’s infrastructure. What I worry about is… where is all that money going? 

Our interstate system is nearing or passing its designed lifespan. Our drinking water and sewer pipes have exceeded their intended lifespan, especially in the densely populated eastern part of our country.  Now we have an administration that is dedicated to fixing our infrastructure problems with… high-speed rail? I guess since the Chinese are investing, it has to be a good idea. Really?

You can have different opinions about reviving our stagnant economy, and there are several different schools of thought arguing the issues in Washington D.C. and beyond, but the one commonality is…we all get thirsty.  No matter what side we’re on.

Lets take care of the “Have to Haves” like clean, reliable drinking water and safe, responsible treatment of sewage before spending on the “Want to Have’s” like bullet trains.  Hey, I think bullet trains are cool to look at and would be fun to ride, but when I hear about investing in infrastructure, I think about more than science fiction.

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