Induron’s Ceramic Epoxies Withstand the Test of Time

By: Linc York, Induron Sales Representative

We’ve all heard that doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. For decades, the popular way to protect structures immersed in or subject to aggressive environments has been to apply three coats of a “high build” epoxy at approximately 15 mils. This approach works adequately, but could there be a better, less-costly way to achieve superior results? What if you could provide enhanced corrosion resistance for less cost while saving time and applying fewer coats to achieve a higher dry film thickness?

For more than 35 years, Induron has manufactured and sold ceramic epoxies for corrosive environments. Our successes are coast-to-coast. Some are buried and some protect the interior of potable water storage tanks. For example, Aqua America has standardized Permaclean 100 for lining their water storage tanks. In the last 8 years, they have painted more than 25 tanks ranging in size from 500,000 gallons to 10,000,000 gallons. Each tank has been lined with 25 – 35 mils of Permaclean 100, Induron’s 100% solids ceramic epoxy tank liner. These projects have been completed within budget and returned to service on time and with no water quality problems.

Induron understands that the combination of various sizes of ceramic media and the best epoxy resins results in superior high-build, corrosion-resistant coatings and linings. The ceramic media is important because it forms a matrix in the dried film, thus providing a relatively-impermeable barrier that prevents water penetration and corrosion. Likewise, the ceramic barrier provides a coating with greatly-enhanced abrasion, impact, flexibility and edge protection while simultaneously forming a non-ablative surface that is resistant to algae growth.

Induron ceramic epoxies are available for potable water, waste water, petrochemical containment and many more chemically corrosive atmospheres. Several are also the ultimate in “green” technology because they contain zero VOC content. The epoxies are natural, high-build coatings. So, instead of applying three coats of a conventional epoxy system for a total of 15 mils dry film thickness, why not try a coat of our ceramic-modified epoxy at 15-40+ mils? Say goodbye to intercoat adhesion problems and hello to saving time and labor on your next project.

But, what about risk mitigation? Induron’s ceramic epoxies have been proven by performance for more than 35 years and counting. It is a technology that has stood the test of time.


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