Induron Sales Reward Trip, Part II

PR Sailboat smallWe’re still talking about our recent company sales reward trip to Puerto Rico, so here are a few more thoughts from those who attended about what the trip meant to them. See more responses in this blog post.

“I think it reinforced that a small company, committed to doing things the “right” way, can still be successful, profitable and afford its employees such experiences. My little knowledge, or awareness, of such company sponsored trips have always seemed to be reserved for the mega corporations of the world. Through the conversations, meals, excursions, etc. of the trip, it never felt like a corporate sponsored event. “THAT” feeling is the very reason everyone on the trip not only wants to, but are truly grateful for the opportunity to work for a company such as Induron. Its such a rare and fragile thing this day in age, I hope we never lose that.” – Ben Rowland, Sales & Service, AL, MS & TN

IMG_7408 small“For us it was the first time ever that my wife and I have had the opportunity to spend time together in a tropical environment without small children. We both really enjoyed meeting and talking with all the other Induron couples; and really enjoyed that experience! Since we continue to have an extra-miserable winter in New England, the memory of Gran Melia is especially sweet! We also really loved the activity schedule; being mostly very physical activities in paradise; great combo! Thanks again for making that happen! It was fantastic!” – Kendall Smith, Market Manager Power Transmissions & Distribution

“I believe I have thanked you many times for the wonderful reward you presented those of us who achieved our mutually agreed upon sales goals for this past year.  What made the reward so special, in my mind, was that it included our wives.  We would not be at all effective without the sacrifices our spouses make that allow us to do our jobs effectively.  This may mean late or overnight evenings, unwanted travels – just a lot of disruptions.  The inclusion of our wives in this trip meant a lot.  It also gave our wives the chance to meet and enjoy the other spouses on the trip as well as enjoying the company of my fellow Induron workmates.  It meant a lot to the both of us.  Thank you once again.” – Tex Enoch, Sales & Service, PA, NJ & DE

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