Induron Launches New Premium Product

Induron is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, Indurethane Monarch HS. This extremely high-gloss urethane technology combines durability and color retention in a high-gloss and high distinction of image finish that is unrivaled in the market. Indurethane Monarch HS is formulated to help increase productivity with easy-to-apply applications and fast dry speed.

“Induron is excited to provide clients a premium industrial urethane that will outshine the rest and continue performing for years,” said Davies Hood, president of Induron Protective Coatings. “This new addition comes with an array of benefits for our clients, proving that we continue to work hard to serve the industry with the best and most efficient products.”

As the newest addition to Induron’s Premium Line, Indurethane Monarch HS boasts a number of features and benefits, including excellent flow and leveling properties. The product has a low odor, long pot life and easy application process with a variety of spray equipment. Indurethane Monarch HS is also available in a wide range of colors and offers excellent chemical resistance. With this product, Induron has developed a champion that not only represents the next generation of urethane technology, but also expands its existing polyurethane, polysiloxane and flurourethane technology.

For more information on Induron’s newest product, click here.

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