Induron Celebrates 70 Years of Providing High-Quality Service and Innovative Products

Induron’s Sales Representatives & Officers in 1953

Third-generation, family-owned Induron Protective Coatings is excited to celebrate 70 years of providing excellent products and high-quality service to its customers! William E. Hood and Louis A. Prosch Jr. started Induron in 1947 under the name The Industrial Paint Manufacturing Company Inc., and it became a protective coatings business based upon the beliefs of honor, integrity and honesty.

“The original business plan was to provide protective coatings for structural steel, which was being used to renew the country’s sorely neglected infrastructure.” says David Hood, Induron CEO. “Fast-forward 70 years later and the company is still built upon the same beliefs but has evolved with a renewed facility, renewed and expanding sales force, a growing product line and new market prospective.”

Induron began as a protective coatings company, then transitioned into architectural paints and focused on retail while continuing in industrial markets. Induron worked through different company focuses before realized that the architectural side of the business was not the market to try to serve.

“Putting our focus into Induron, the industrial products side of the business, we were and are able to put all our energy toward doing it right. We are continuing to break records because we have the best employees working to solve problems for our customers, servicing them better than they expect and better than the big competitors,” said Davies Hood, Induron President. “I am the third-generation owner, staying true to our promise as a family-owned business.”

Induron creates high-quality products to meet both environmental concerns and performance demands. In the 25 years since the transition to focus on industrial products, the company has expanded into new territories, including international partners, and new markets, including its newest division Induron Industrial Finishes. The growth will continue while being mindful that the market demands a lot and Induron must be able to offer more to our customers than they receive from the competition.

July 1948’s  Alabama Purchaser

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