Induron and Tankez Coatings Rehabilitate Texarkana’s Pedisphere Tank

By: Russell Hicks, Induron Sales Representative

Texarkana tank 2_russellTexarkana Water Utilities (TWU) decided its 400,000-gallon pedisphere water storage vessel located in Texarkana, Texas was due for some maintenance. TWU also realized they had a problem to address before beginning the project—the tank’s location. Because the tank was located in a residential area and surrounded by homes, TWU hoped to avoid disturbing the local neighborhood residents in any way.

To complete this project, TWU enlisted Tankez Coatings, a painting contractor based in Paris, Texas, and Induron Protective Coatings. Tankez Coatings and Induron worked as a team to rehabilitate the tank’s coating system, which was more than 20 years old. Both the interior (wet and dry areas) and the exterior needed a fresh coating system.

First, Tankez Coatings installed its state-of-the-art containment system, which prevented any contamination from the sand blasting used in removing the old exterior coating system. Induron provided its MC-67 Zinc Rich Primer, PermaClean II Epoxy, for the intermediate coat and Indurathane 6600 Plus urethane for the exterior coating system. Together, these products will protect the tank from the elements and provide the neighborhood residents with an aesthetically pleasing tank in their back yards.

Tankez Coatings used Induron’s newest product, AquaClean, on the interior wet areas of the tank. AquaClean is a NSF-approved two-component, high-solids, self-priming epoxy coating formulated for superior resistance to water, water borne chemicals and other aggressive environments. Its user-friendly nature combined with its proven performance, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and its ability to be used in potable immersion service, made it an ideal choice for this project. For the dry interior areas, Tankez Coatings used PermaClean II, a two-component, high-solids, chemical- and corrosion- resistant modified polyamidoamine epoxy formulated for excellent protection in severe environments.

In the end, the job was a success. Induron and Tankez successfully completed the project on schedule and without any complaints from the local residents.

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