Indurlux 9400 Brightens Dekalb Tank Farm

By: Paul Powers, Induron Sales Representative

Epoxy Siloxane technology was introduced to the industry in the early 1990s, and has since gone through many changes to become what it is today. Induron has recently developed a world-class, high-gloss and tint-able Epoxy PolySiloxane Coating that we like to call Indurlux 9400.

Indurlux 9400 is a new, winning tool in the bag for Induron Protective Coatings, and not just an ordinary tool but an extraordinary tool that will change the game for many clients across North America. Indurlux 9400 can be applied over many different primers as an industrial finish and also as a heavy industrial finish. Our 2-coat and 3-coat systems that utilize the Indurlux 9400 range from 4 -6 mils dft up to a system requiring nearly 15-20 mils dft.

Indurlux 9400 can be applied on storage tanks, railcars, tankers, oilfield and land drilling equipment, marine topside applications, masonry wall coatings and floor coatings. As a high-solids, high-gloss, non-isocynate epoxy siloxane, it is capable of saving time and cutting costs by reducing the number of coats required. Because the coverage and hide of the product is incredible, it creates an automotive-type distinction of image.

With this project, Indurlux 9400 was applied as a finish coat on top of Induramastic 85 on a tank farm owned by Millipore Sigma and located in St. Louis, Missouri. The finish coat was sprayed on with a .011 tip and provided an exceptionally high-gloss, bright white finish.

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