Induraguard 9200: A One-Coat Solution

Induraguard 9200Induraguard 9200 provides cost-effective, long-lasting protection for one of the world’s most important assets: electrical transmission towers and poles. As a high-solids, high-build, single-component, self-priming coating, Induraguard 9200 is extremely surface-tolerant and provides unmatchable wetting. 

The benefits of this product cannot be overstated: Induraguard 9200 requires minimal surface preparation, puts very low stress on aged coatings, and creates a hydrophobic surface that resists water penetration to prevent further substrate deterioration. Our coatings are designed for maximum forgiveness on marginally prepared substrates. The linseed oil within the coating soaks into inaccessible areas where it is needed, while the barrier pigments provide 4-way barrier protection and maximum corrosion protection. 

Here are a few things to know about Induraguard 9200: 

Induraguard 9200 provides proven protection

Induraguard 9200 is proven to provide reliable asset protection for 25+ years. Since the late 1950s, 98 percent of the projects completed in the United States have employed this technology specified by all global standards to extend the life of T&D assets. 

Induraguard 9200 offers the lowest applied cost

Developed to minimize the costs of climbing a tower several times for surface preparation, sealing, priming, and finish painting, Induraguard 9200 offers the lowest applied cost-per-square foot of any coating system. Using surface-tolerant overcoating materials like Induraguard 9200, that can often be applied in a single coat, not only achieves better results but also reduces the cost by 75 percent. 

Induraguard 9200 offers streamlined application

Because it requires minimal surface preparation, Induraguard 9200 enables the painting contractor to complete the job in fewer climbs, sometimes just one with only a single coat. By reducing the number of climbs per tower, this approach allows the contractor to complete more towers in a day, and ultimately, more projects in a season. This efficiency gain by each T&D contractor gives the asset owners a realistic chance to meet the overall demand of their entire system of towers and poles. If each asset owner can increase the rate of ‘catch-up’ in terms of asset life extension for this critical infrastructure, our nation as a whole can more effectively protect our energy grid from unnecessary corrosion!

Induraguard 9200 is environmentally friendly

Induraguard 9200 minimizes the environmental impact of coating transmission and distribution assets. It is formulated with more than 90 percent volume solids, therefore a very low HAPS-free volatile organic compounds (VOC). Induraguard 9200 is also made with a renewable resin backbone. Lastly, and most importantly, Induraguard 9200 does NOT require costly, environmentally impactful blasting with garnet or other angular particles as part of the surface preparation process. 

Induraguard 9200 extends the life of aging infrastructure

Designed for maximum forgiveness of marginally-prepared substrates with remains of tightly-adhered rust and old coatings, Induraguard 9200 extends the service life of aging infrastructure. It seals and holds old coatings in place, puts very low stress on aged coatings, and creates a hydrophobic surface that resists water penetration to prevent further substrate deterioration. Though utilities have used other coating options, they seem to return to the tried-and-true technology Induraguard 9200 offers.

A single-coat of Induraguard 9200 penetrates and tightly seals rust better than any other coating. Induraguard 9200 is user-friendly and easy to apply to weathered galvanized and previously painted structures by brush or paint mitt, and can be applied up to 12 mils DFT. Induraguard 9200 is most effective when applied by qualified contractors or painters with extensive experience in painting energy infrastructure. 

Equipped with Induraguard 9200 and other innovative industrial coatings, Induron has the coatings solution to extend the life of your assets and provide extreme asset protection. Contact us or visit our website to learn more!


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