Incentives for Safety

By Mike Nelms

Induron has always considered safety in the workplace to be very important, and our recordable and lost time rates have usually reflected and supported this view.

However, like most programs, complacency can set in quickly if the focus is lost or the programs simply aren’t enforced or encouraged.

In early 2013, we decided to kick off a new incentive program for our safety mission. We chose the operations department (manufacturing and shipping) as the focus group, which is where we felt the most reward for improved safety could be gained. We set the requirements to measure improvement, and the employees that met all the requirements by the end of 2013 were eligible for prizes. The grand prize was a Carnival cruise or cash award.

Requirements included:

  1. Employees must have no recordable accidents/incidents in the preceding 12 month period.
  2. No un-excused absences for the twelve month period.
  3. Employees must consistently show willingness and put forth effort to promote a safe and positive working environment for all fellow employees.

By the year end, we were fortunate to still have over 50% of our operations department meet all of the requirements, and 2013 ended as one of Induron’s safest reporting years.

Induron celebrated the achievement at our Christmas luncheon, where we set up a drawing for those eligible employees to determine the grand prize winner. All of the eligible employees received prize awards, with Joe Jones, from the manufacturing department, winning the grand prize!

This program sparked much interest and excitement among our employees, so we plan to repeat the program in 2014 with improved ways to continue focusing our attention on a safe environment.

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