The Hood Family Holiday Tradition

By: Davies Hood, Induron President

nutcracker-familyThis year I have the awesome opportunity to once again dance in The Nutcracker with my two daughters, Eliska and Virginia. For the last 6 years, the three of us have danced together in the Birmingham Ballet’s production of this ol’ Christmastime standard.
For our family, it is certainly part of our holiday tradition! Although my wife does not perform on stage, she is involved in the production ‘behind-the-scenes’—usually in the sewing room or helping the teenage dancers rapidly change from one costume to the next. For the past few years, the Friday night show has been The Muttcracker, a ballet that includes both young kids AND dogs! The show’s proceeds benefit the local Humane Society.  This show allows even our Golden-Doodle, Betsy, to join in on the festivities. Like I said, it is truly an event for the ENTIRE family!

nutcracker-costumesIn late September of each year, the girls audition for their respective rolls. Luckily, as an adult male, they do not require me to ‘try-out.’ In fact, we are always looking for a few new volunteers…(Yes, I’m talking to you, Jeff White, David Hood and Ben Rowland).

Then, the weekly rehearsals leading up to theater week and the four shows over the weekend begin. Theater week—the most anticipated week of the year—usually falls two weeks after Thanksgiving.  My rehearsals are only an hour and a half on Saturday afternoons, but both of my daughters are at the dance theater for six hours every Saturday from late September until the show. Not only do the girls rehearse every Saturday, but they also both dance four nights a week! Needless to say, Birmingham Ballet is a big part of the Hood family these days.

nutcrackeraWith all of this to consider, I am blessed by having the opportunity to participate with my children doing something together that they truly love. If you think about that, it really is special and makes all the hard work on Saturday afternoons in the fall, driving to and from the theater, and performing under the bright lights very much worthwhile. Some dads coach soccer or basketball with their kids. I’m blessed to be able to dance with mine!

As a third-generation, family-owned company, Induron truly values family and tradition.  We love our Induron family and spending time together at work throughout the holiday season. We also love hearing about the traditions and memories everyone has with their own families at home. Happy holidays, everyone!

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