Get to Know the Induron Family: Donna Poe

“Are you keeping Donna’s hours?” Any time someone comes in late or leaves early, this question is often asked jokingly and in good fun. With Donna Poe’s part-time flexible hours, she also gets calls asking her, “What’s up?” if she comes in earlier than normal.

But this flexible schedule has allowed her to have the best of both worlds as she fulfills responsibilities at home and enjoys working at Induron.

Donna is very appreciated as well. She works in the Accounts Payable department and also performs duties as the front desk receptionist, a job that fits her well since she is a people person and loves to talk to anyone who passes by. She’s been at Induron since the old Indurall days and actually started in 1995, the year Indurall was sold.

As one of Induron’s three female employees, Donna has a close friendship with the other ladies who all work well together. Of course, she gets along well with the entire staff that works together like a big family, which she thinks has a lot to do with the atmosphere set by the Hood family. Donna knew William E. Hood and worked several years for David Hood. She now works for Davies Hood, who she thinks is the man for the job as he keeps up with changes in social media and marketing so that Induron can change with the times in a positive way.

Though the times are changing, Donna loves having fun without all the new technology. She spends a lot of time with her church family and her children, Erin and Ryan. If Donna could do anything for a day, she would spend it on a private beach somewhere without crowds, just listening to the ocean with her husband, Keith. If it was raining, she’d spend the day with her two granddaughters, Ellie (14 months) and Mia (16 months).

Donna and Keith also love to camp. With their camper, heating and air conditioning, they aren’t really “roughing it,” but they do enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, cooking outside and sitting by the fire at night. They also take more elaborate trips, like a recent adventure to Washington D.C.

Thank you for all you do at Induron, Donna!

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