Why We Believe in Fair Competition

By: David Hood, Induron CEO

I really like competition. I always have. In my time, I have raced cars, bicycles, motorcycles, boats and on foot. I have played tennis, football, baseball, soccer, bridge, hearts, checkers and chess. Competition is fun, exhilarating, challenging and will force you to improve your game.

By far, the most challenging competition in my experience has been business. The great NFL quarterback, Fran Tarkenton said, after leaving football and entering business, “This is great, there are very few rules, no time outs and the game never ends!” I couldn’t agree more. I have been competing in business for nearly fifty years and have loved the competition from the beginning.

It is better for businesses to compete for our money and satisfaction. The way it works is that I (my business) has to offer a better “deal” than our competitors, or customers will buy from someone else. The “deal” includes reputation, reliability, innovation, availability, quality, performance, advice and a thousand other intangibles, which matter as much or more than price. Creativity is always in demand!

I remember my graduate marketing professor at Georgia State writing on the board “TEGWAR” at the beginning of class. After several guesses from us students, he explained “The Exciting Game Without Any Rules.” He meant that figuratively-not literally. There are no rules to limit your imagination in marketing, but there is one rule by which we must all play—you must be honest and tell the truth.

Currently, Induron is being challenged by a competitor whose falsehoods and fake data are being “sold” to specifiers and end customers alike. Our capabilities, integrity, products, and even our concern for the health of our workers and customers is being called into question. It is an awful situation, but we are doing everything we can to counter by telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If you have any doubt about Induron’s capabilities, products or honesty, please give us a call. You can speak with any of us and expect straight, honest answers. We will prevail that way and will not succumb to the temptation of responding in kind. We will continue to deliver reliable protection through innovative coatings, and we will do so with integrity while being reliable, respectful and innovative.

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