Equivalencies in Engineering Specifications

By: George Shannon, Induron Sales Representative

Paint Square recently published an article discussing equivalencies in engineering specifications. Most of the narrative focused on the technical comparison of products. Specifically, the two biggest questions regarding this issue are:

  1. Who makes the decision of equivalency?
  2. What data and criteria is the decision based on?

Because there is not a clear procedural path established in the marketplace, engineers and owners decide what information is necessary to make the determination. So, to each salesman the question becomes: What do I do to get on equal status in my territory with the other coating manufactures that are featured in the specifications?

Performance testing is necessary when comparing unlike products. If the engineer specifies urethane finish coats and the contractor submits alkyd, there is a clear distinction based on laboratory testing. However, if the contractor submits a urethane of same generic value, how does the engineer determine equivalency? This is where the salesman needs to establish a relationship based on trust with the engineer and demonstrate the value of the manufacturer rather than relying on minuscule testing differences from the laboratory.

As a representative of Induron Coatings, I believe engineers have a major tool at their disposal. And that tool is Induron’s expertise in product quality, technical product development, technical field assistance, manufacturing and customer service. Engineers should consider using their Induron Technical Representative as a resource

Induron has been in business for 70 years as a third-generation, family-owned company and exhibits integrity in every business decision. Plus, it’s always fun to go to the annual holiday party and catch up with Induron retirees who return to celebrate the company’s success. They love the association with Induron and are proud to continue the relationship. I have been in the coating business for 49 years and recognize that Induron does NOT take a back seat to any other manufacturer when it comes to product quality, technical product development, technical field assistance, manufacturing, and customer service.

You, the salesman, must feel this relationship with Induron deep in your soul. Then, it is your responsibility to deliver the message in every sales call. In due time, the engineering community will be specifying your product and evaluating others for equivalency.

It takes a plan, and it takes time. If you believe deeply and deliver your message consistently, you will be the leader in due time. From engineers and contractors to coatings salesmen and technology, the players change over time. But, by staying in the game, you can help those changes positively impact Induron and yourself.


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