Is infrastructure spending a debt or an investment?

by Davies Hood, Executive VP, Induron Coatings

Is infrastructure spending an investment for our nation’s future or just another dose of fertilizer on the ever increasing mountain of debt our nation is growing? In many ways the correct answer, unfortunately is both.

However, if infrastructure is maintained and improved efficiently (without lining the pockets of every corrupt individual who can steal from the proverbial cookie jar), our nation will continue to be the international “standard of quality.”

If we take the approach that water systems, bridges and the interstate system will take care of themselves, we will soon be passed by China, certain South American countries and the EU like we are standing still. Which of course, we will be. Actually we might even be going backward because, as Neil Young said, “rust never sleeps.”

Associated General Contractors (AGC) CEO Stephen Sanherr makes a valid point in a recent article published in the Rochester Business Journal regarding the federal debt and the nation’s infrastructure.

Pay close attention to the final quote near the bottom before drawing any conclusions. Like a lot of things in today’s complicated world, it’s not simply a red or blue issue. It all looks pretty purple to me!

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