Coatings to Combat Chemical Weapons

By Jeff White, Induron Sales Manager and Gulf War M1A1 Tank Platoon Leader 

The coatings industry is at it again. The development of a new coating that can be utilized on equipment, weapons and clothing to better neutralize nerve gases is always welcomed by our warfighters.

After spending the better part of a year in the middle east for Desert Shield/Storm as a M1A1 Tanker and then being “volunteered” to go through live nerve agent training, I can tell you that many times soldiers train just as much for how to deal with these forms of chemical weapons as they train for being shot at during combat.

As we approach Veterans Day, I find myself remembering how many hours I spent in the green charcoal chemical suits we had to wear back then. Those of us who served in the 24th Infantry Division in Saudi Arabia and Iraq wore those green suits so much that we were known as the “Green Division” by the locals.

Hopefully this new coating will make these uniforms much more effective. Read more in this article.

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