Christmas Traditions and Memories of the Induron Family

We often talk about how important family is to us at Induron. We love our Induron family and spending time together at work during the holidays, but we also love hearing about the traditions (or lack thereof, in some cases) and memories everyone has with their own families at home.

Here are a few of our favorites:

“I always enjoy our two children and their spouses coming to be with us on Christmas, but I’m especially excited this Christmas because our two granddaughters are one year old! I look forward to seeing how they react to the newness of Christmas and all of the fun and excitement it brings. They bring joy to any and every occasion! It’s been a long time since we’ve shared Christmas with little ones. As we reflect on our blessings this year, grandchildren sure come to mind.” Donna Poe, Accounts Payable

“Christmas has really gone down the tubes as far as tradition goes. Over the last few years our Christmases are anything but traditional.  With adult single boys, it is always a last minute notice if they will be home or not, and with most other family out of the area, we never knows when and where we will be celebrating. Last year it was Christmas in my youngest son’s studio apartment, and then on to Chicago to celebrate with my wife’s family. We have come to realize that we are all together in our hearts and have learned to settle with a phone call …for now!” Richard Belliveau – Sales

“The tradition I enjoy the most is simply hanging out with family on Christmas.  We get together, eat and laugh together.” Ricky Germany – Customer Service

“I come from a very large family on my mother’s side of the family. She had two sisters and three brothers.  As a kid growing up we would always get together for the holidays, and even into my teen years this tradition continued. I’m very blessed and thankful to have had that time in my life, as the years have gone by and everyone has moved off and we have lost a few too, it has become harder to get together like we used too, but I’m thankful to have come from such a large and loving family and to have all the great memories from past holidays.” Russell Hicks – Sales

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