Bringing Home the Bacon

By Linc York, Induron Sales Rep

Successful sales are about developing relationships built upon trust, and many times, this involves going the proverbial extra mile. Nothing new about that.

I have often said that one of the best things about selling protective coatings is that no two days are alike. I love the variety and diversity of calling on different people in different roles and working for different companies. My sales philosophy has always been that when my customer calls me, they have my undivided attention and are assured that I will do everything I can to fulfill their request.

Once in a while, the call comes and the request is nothing like what I expected.  One call I received recently may have set a new standard for different.

My customer asked me if I could help him and his brother dispatch, skin and butcher a 600 pound Black Heritage hog the next day. I thought about that for a minute while he explained that the weather was expected to be perfect for such a task — cloud covered sky with a temperature in the high 20s and a possibility of snow showers.

My reply was obvious: “Sure, when do I need to be there and what should I bring?”

Tomorrow came, and when I arrived there were plenty of family and friends to help. We worked together as a team, and after three hours the pork was hanging, ready to age to perfection before butchering. This Thanksgiving many families enjoyed the” fruits” of our labor.

Founded in 1947, Induron manufactures high performance coatings that serve a range of industrial applications, including the wastewater, transmission and distribution and groundwater storage industries. Learn more about us at  

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