A Bright Future for Induron

By: David Hood, Induron CEO

A Bright Future for InduronHappy New Year to all! The New Year is just beginning, and it always makes me reflect on the past and, like most people, try to see the future. As I reflected on the past, a certain sales trip came to mind…

A long time ago—maybe 40 years and far away in Vicksburg, Mississippi—I was on a trip with an older Induron salesman named Jack Bonnell. We were calling on the International Paper Mills, which we were doing a lot of business with. Jack was about to retire and wanted to ensure that I was aware of the issues and opportunities he was leaving to the next generation. After spending several days together, he confided in me the following: “The future of this company looks brighter than ever before! I wish I were young again so I could participate in making it better and stronger.”

Well, time marches on, and now I’m the one who is old. In my 48 years with Induron, I have seen a lot of things happen. Two name changes, a whole new business plan, and an entire generation (or two) of employees are a few of the obvious changes. But other, more subtle changes have occurred, as well. From my viewpoint, the people at Induron make the biggest impact on our business. We have never had a more competent, hardworking, creative and dedicated staff than we do now. These people are the future of the old, reliable business that I am proud to have been a part of for most of my life.

Our physical facilities are better than ever, our products are better than ever, our markets are bigger and better than ever, AND our growth plans are bigger and better than ever! We are a small, specialized company among a few large competitors. But, I do not think the size of our competitors adds any benefit to the markets that we choose to compete in. It is, and has been, a fun ride.

So now, as 2017 begins, it is my turn to say, “The future of this company looks brighter than ever before!”

I hope you have the best year ever!

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