Be a Resource, not a Peddler to Add Value

By Brian Wolfe, Induron Sales Rep

We’ve talked before about the meaning of value and what that looks like to us at Induron. But I really think it’s a topic worth revisiting, especially since we want to be the best value provider for coatings in our market.

Today, everybody seems to want to do more with less. We have the ability to communicate almost instantaneously. So is it realistic for us to call on design professionals we want to work with and provide each one with valuable information?

According to an article I read recently, “Representing Value to Design Professionals” by Richard Rudy of Nuform Building Technologies, Inc., the answer is, “Only if you want to earn their business.” And we definitely do.

I found a few particularly valuable points in this article that I need to remind myself about and would love to share.

Specific to the customer. Induron will write specs specific to your project. This adds great long term value and allows the customer to know they are getting the right product for their application. This is very important for the engineer wanting to add value to their design, because they want to be educated about how their firm can better serve its clients and minimize risk exposure at all levels.

Know your products as best as you can. In particular, this is something I know I need to work on. The design professional wants clear, succinct answers for the project specific needs. As we’ve said before, our knowledge is your knowledge, but I don’t embellish on the lack of information I may have, especially when it comes to niche projects. When I don’t have the answers, I simply convey that I will find out from my resources back at Induron who have additional experience and knowledge.

Show and tell. The future of marketing is here, and we’ve embraced it at Induron, especially through blogging, social media and our electronic newsletters that we email to clients, prospects and others in the industry. It’s taking direct mail to a new level, and if done right, it can essentially act as another salesperson within the firm.

Physically going out to make sales calls in person will always have its place and be important to us. But by being a resource and doing whatever we can to provide what the client or prospect needs, we’re doing more than just peddling our products. We’re adding real value.

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