AquaClean: The “Go-To” Epoxy

By: Ben Rowland, Induron Sales Representative

AquaCleanTo wrap up this blog series presenting Induron’s newest NSF-approved epoxy, AquaClean, I plan to highlight the practical side of the product and the history of its application.

Since joining the Induron team 10 years ago, I have specified industrial coatings for a wide variety of applications. PermaClean II Epoxy, AquaClean’s genetic parent, has always been my “go-to” epoxy. Whether it’s being applied to a concrete floor, a steel pipe gallery, a swimming pool, the exterior prime or intermediate coat of an elevated water storage tank, PermaClean II consistently provides an excellent coating solution. It’s ability to stand up to highly-corrosive exposures coupled with its attractive finish rivals the look of much more expensive finish coats. Painters recognize its typical 4:1 mix ratio and appreciate the ease of its application by both roller and sprayer.

Yes, Induron offers 100% solid high-build ceramic epoxies, fluoropolymer based polyurethanes, zinc rich urethanes, and single component alkyds and enamels. But, when that inevitable curve ball is thrown, no other product covers as many bases as effectively and efficiently as PermaClean II.

So, what’s the hitch? Why is AquaClean my new “go-to epoxy?”

Until now, we’ve been unable to specify PermaClean II for potable water immersion service. Fortunately, this is no longer the case with the emergence of AquaClean. The user-friendly nature of AquaClean combined with its proven performance, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and now its ability to be used in potable immersion service make it the go-to choice for both painters and specifiers.

To prove my point, while writing this blog, I received two unlinked phone calls requesting a coating recommendation. The first call needed a recommendation for a concrete swimming pool and the second for the interior of a steel potable water tank. I recommended AquaClean for BOTH applications without hesitation and with the complete confidence I’ve always placed in my “go-to” epoxy.

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