AquaClean: The Chemistry Behind the Product

By: John Anspach, Induron Technical Director

AquaCleanTo ensure AquaClean’s performance matches its user-friendly and good-looking finish, many important design traits are formulated into the coating system.

First, AquaClean is formulated to be compliant to the OTC (Ozone Transport Commission) standard for low VOC content.  Complying with OTC allows us to sell AquaClean in most U.S. markets. 

Additionally, AquaClean shares a few performance characteristics with existing Induron products that also rely on chemical and solvent tolerance. While AquaClean is designed and approved for ANSI 61 NSF potable water systems, it also possesses a natural resistance to many water-borne chemicals, organic acids, bases and solvents.  The product’s epoxy-amine chemistry provides a high crosslink density, which results in a superior performance.

The careful selection of pigments and barrier materials establishes a water resistant coating that seals out the transfer of moisture and produces a very low water permeability. In addition, the coating system is fortified with corrosion-inhibitive components that ward off corrosion.  The ability of the product to prevent corrosion is confirmed by more than 6,000 hours of salt fog testing.

AquaClean’s calculated chemistry also provides outstanding adhesion performance, which is extremely necessary with potable water usage. It also performs well when used on substrates, such as concrete and other masonry surfaces.

Ultimately, as a user-friendly, long-term performer for the water tank market, AquaClean represents Induron’s next step forward.  It blends the latest performance technology with an easy-to-apply, good-looking finish—an effective combination for this important market!

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