Another Year Dancing with My Daughters

By Davies Hood

The holidays give us wonderful opportunities to spend as much time as possible with family, but I’m lucky that I get to spend a lot of special time with my daughters in the weeks leading up to the holiday season.

Some of you may have heard about this last year, but others may be surprised to hear that I dance in “The Nutcracker” with my daughters and the Birmingham Ballet. And I LOVE it! Everyone always asks if I wear tights, and the resounding answer to that question is NO. However, I do cross-dress.

I play a Party Dad, where I play one of my daughter’s father, which is an easy role, and in another scene I play Mother Ginger, meaning I play my daughter’s “Mother.” I actually love the comedy break Mother Ginger provides to a traditional ballet.

I may provide more comedy than anything else, but my daughters do a fantastic job in their roles. Eliska, my 10-year-old, plays Ginger Snap, and is in all four shows, two as a little girl and two as a gingerbread cookie. Virginia, my 8-year-old, plays a girl in the opening 20 minute party scene.

To get ready for our parts, we get to spend every Saturday from late September through December 14 together. I think of it as a similar time commitment to coaching a youth baseball or soccer team. Not only do we get to rehearse together for an hour and a half, but the 20 minutes each way in the car gives me some unique one-on-one time. There is also a “secret” Icee stop that we make on our way home about half the time.

This time is so special, since as a father of daughters, I have limited time to spend with them. The camaraderie I am building with them as members of the same team in a show is also really important. I love feeling that bond with my family at home and with my Induron family at work.

So believe it or not, dancing in “The Nutcracker” is what I’ll be doing this holiday season. Dancing with my daughters and enjoying every minute of it!

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One thought on “Another Year Dancing with My Daughters

  1. Davies, you are following in a family tradition of sorts. Your grandfather was Jupe the Giraffe for the Birmingham Children’s Theater (which your grandmother helped to found). He came out before every show and reminded the children to clap only at the ends of acts. He wasn’t a dancer, but he was on stage, just as you are. I can’t wait to see all three of you again this year — in the Muttcracker!

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