Another great use for paint

by Davies Hood, Executive VP, Induron Coatings

Murals are used for several reasons.  Often times they’re used to beautify a building, advertise a company or product, unify a community or convey a message. A recent article (attached in the link) in Durability + Design presents a new aquatic life mural in Clearwater Beach, Florida that provides all of the above.

Painted by the famous artist Guy Harvey, who is known for both his elaborate fishing t-shirts and efforts to promote marine conservation, this huge mural covers the side of a Surf Style retail store and an adorning parking deck. It promotes Clearwater Beach’s and Surf Style’s greatest asset, the beautiful Florida coastline. As a fan of the beach, Guy Harvey and paint (odd combo I know), I thought this mural blog worthy.

The article also reminded me of a local mural here in Birmingham, Alabama that also provides many of the same features and benefits. Located on the side of the Birmingham police headquarters is roughly a 150 by 50 foot mural painted with Induron paint. I am particularly proud of this picture of several children of different races walking hand-in-hand above the Birmingham Pledge. In a city known for tumultuous race relations and confrontations, the Birmingham Pledge and this mural in particular promote a new, kinder mindset by asking all citizens to commit to treating everyone with dignity and respect.

In that regard, Clearwater Beach, Guy Harvey and the Birmingham, Alabama PD, all share something in common; MURALS!

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