A Protected Canvas

by Davies Hood, Executive VP, Induron Coatings

The Birmingham News recently ran an editorial entitled “’Art’ is not beauty when it is splashed across someone else’s canvas.”

This article addresses the respect of private property and other people’s rights with regard to what is widely considered a good, grassroots message. You see, a local group of “artists” has taken it upon themselves to “tag” several different structures throughout the greater Birmingham area with the statement “You Are Beautiful.” The intention behind this message is to remind each of us that we are beautiful in some regard and that even though times are tough, each of us has value. This message in and of itself is a message that should be sung from the mountaintops. However, the artists recently spilled paint on cars near a “tagged” apartment building. The cost to remove the paint from this private property was approximately $4,000. 

The reason this issue is blog-worthy for an industrial paint company does NOT have anything to do with the artist using our products. The reason behind this blog is that Induron Coatings now offers a graffiti-resistant coating that will not allow spray paint, other types of liquid coatings or even a Sharpie marker to stick to the surface. This innovative new product allows easy removal of any type of Graffiti – even a message as great as “You Are Beautiful” – with only soap, water and elbow grease. The catch here is that the anti-graffiti coating needs to be applied BEFORE a substrate is “tagged.” If you’d like to see a demonstration of this product, please contact your local Induron representative!

Below is a picture of a steel storage tank located here at Induron that was painted with the anti-graffiti coating and then “tagged” with red Rustoleum spray paint. Part of the graffiti was applied over a non-protected area. After allowing the spray paint to dry for 24 hours, the graffiti was removed with only a damp rag.

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