A New Kind of Invisibility Cloak

By Jeff White

Most people think of camouflage as those green, brown and black patterns that deer hunters or our military wear to blend in with their surroundings.

While that may be true for hunters, in a military sense, that is only one type of camouflage.  As many of you know, I served in an Armor unit during the Gulf War. As an M1A1 tanker, we engaged targets using our thermal sights, usually at night.

This Paint Square article is about a new coating being developed that masks (camouflages) the thermal signatures of equipment and possibly troops. You can kind of think of this like Harry Potter and his cloak of invisibility. They are working on the variables, and I hope this is another way we can help to protect our troops during military operations. Of course, let’s not share this with the bad guys.

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