A Humble Abode for Bug’s Bass Boat

By Barry Peters, Shipping Supervisor/Customer Service

Try saying that blog post title five times fast!

In the industrial coatings industry, we are consumed daily with protection, durability, longevity and all the performance characteristics associated with coatings in situations that are less than ideal.

But every once in a while, a situation comes along that causes us to say, “Wow, that’s a good looking coating.” This project reflects just such an instance.

I had the pleasure of working with “Bug” Tarleton on the refurbishing of the floor of his garage shop that houses his pride and joy Triton bass boat. In addition to being one of our favorite personalities, he’s pretty handy when it comes to applying paint.

The coating is our Perma Clean II gloss epoxy (6214 Fire Engine Red), and this represents the second time his floor has been coated with the product. The first coating lasted longer than Bug or I wanted to admit since it represented a lot of years gone by. This 2nd floor finish might outlast both of us.

We have photos on our walls of projects that bring to mind extreme conditions requiring extreme protection. Perma Clean II meets these needs on a regular basis and has for years. But in the world where aesthetics and accessorizing a space has grown to be important to many, this is one of those projects that makes you think, “Boy that’s nice.”

Whether the Triton accentuates the coating or the coating accentuates the Triton, I’ll leave for you, the reader, to decide. Thanks for sharing the photo with us, Bug.

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