Corrosion control and Perma-Clean™ 100

In our industry, corrosion control plays a huge factor in the longevity of tanks for both potable and wastewater. Our Perma-Clean™ 100 product is a solvent free epoxy resin designed for maximum corrosion protection of immersed substrates. Basically, it creates a unique and outstanding barrier that protects steel and concrete immersed in potable water.

Recently, Induron received a letter from Corrosion Control Corporation, in New Jersey, detailing their satisfaction with Perma-Clean™ 100. Kent L. Webster, President of the corporation writes, “Over the past two years we have applied Induron’s Perma-Clean™ 100 on four different jobs. Two jobs, Mountainhome, PA and Greenville, PA were potable water storage tanks. The others, Pt. Lookout, MD and Atlantic City, NJ were wastewater clarifier tanks. The tanks at Atlantic City were large concrete clarifier tanks. We applied at least 840 gallons of Perma-Clean™ 100 in completing these projects.”

The letter continues by saying that they used a Graco Extreme Mix Variable Ratio 68:1 ratio Plural Component Pump to apply the Perma-Clean™ 100 and once the recommended product temperature was achieved, “we were able to apply the material without any pump or spray applications problems.” “In fact,” Webster writes, “we were able to apply, without sagging, the minimum 40 mils DFT on all vertical surfaces in a single coat application.”

As far as ease of use of the product, Webster continues by saying, “When compared to the 100% solids urethane products we’ve applied, the Perma-Clean™ 100 is much more user and equipment friendly. The Perma-Clean™ A & B components are significantly easier on the paint pump internals. Application spray times are significantly longer than the 100% solids urethane products before the painter has to stop spraying and purge his induction line. This difference results in higher production for the applicator.”

Corrosion Control Corporation completes their testimonial by adding that they have been “very satisfied” with Perma-Clean™ 100, it’s application and overall performance at the one year anniversary inspection.

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