Ductile Iron: The Power Poles That Should Have Always Been

By: Chris Rowell, Induron Sales Representative

Sometimes there are products that have so many advantages, you wonder why they haven’t been around since the dawn of time. Take the iPad, for instance. Or solar calculators. Or The Price is Right. Or the combination of ductile iron and ceramic epoxy paint coatings for the electrical transmission and distribution industry . Let me explain.

Since Benjamin Franklin famously flew his kite connected to a key with shocking results, man has improved upon electricity and its efficiency in getting from Point A to Point B.  Now, Induron is part of a T&D electricity team that is going to save you money AND make your power grid greener.

Traditionally, distribution and utility power poles have been made of wood. While wood is great for grandma’s cedar chest and keepsake boxes, it leaves a lot to be desired in a power pole. It’s not only heavy and difficult to install, but wood is also susceptible to harsh weather and critters (Woody Woodpecker comes to mind). Plus, a car accident where someone runs into a wooden pole can take out an entire power grid. Wooden power poles often need to be replaced every 5-10 years, especially in storm-ravaged areas, which can get expensive.

Today, distribution and utility power poles can be made out of ductile iron, and the benefits cannot be overstated. Ductile iron poles are lighter than wood, easier to install, much stronger and last 75 years or more. All of this comes at a cost less than concrete and steel and competitive with wood.

Induron has been coating ductile iron pipes in water and sewer infrastructure systems for more than 30 years, so we’ve learned a thing or two about how to make it last. We apply our ceramic epoxy coating at the base of each pole, protecting it from water and stray electric currents. We can also apply a barrier coating to the entire pole, which makes it even stronger and more durable. This is an especially effective solution for areas in aggressive environments, like salt water.

Consider the countless advantages of strong power poles…For instance, if a tornado or hurricane comes through your area, the entire line of wooden power poles are gone. Due to their increased strength, this is not necessarily the case with ductile iron poles.

Additionally, ductile iron poles are one of the greenest products on the market. They’re made from recycled scrap metal, so when your Ford starts to rust, it may start carrying power to homes in another life. Plus, each ductile iron pole used saves one tree from being cut down. Now, that’s a real, tangible environmental impact.

Induron is proud to be a part of this growing, green industry. If you have questions about ductile iron poles, feel free to contact me.

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