Permaclean 100 wins STI/SPFA product of the year

by Davies Hood
Executive VP, Induron Protective Coatings

Induron’s innovative Perma-Clean 100 Ceramic Epoxy has won the coveted STI/SPFA New Product of the Year Award!

We are very excited about winning this award, because it is positive affirmation from the other affiliate members of the Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association. These affiliate members are composed of some of the most respected companies in the industrial and or storage tank business, ranging from service companies to manufacturers to steel producers. A few examples of the respected affiliates include Tank Industry Consultants, Blastech Mobile, Shamrock Steel, Corrpro and Sherwin Williams.

We are honored that one of our new ceramic epoxies has been recognized as outstanding by such an esteemed group. Perma-Clean 100 won this award for four main reasons:

1.) Unparalleled filn build: PC 100 can build up to 50 mils DFT in a single coat, which means long-term corrosion protection, especially on hard-to-paint surfaces like angles, edges, ladders and vents.

2.) Ultra low permeability: Because of the varied sizes of the ceramic beads that comprise part of the pigment package, a liquid path to the substrate is very circuitous, meaning the effective barrier coat acts even thicker than it is!

3.) Absolute minimal undercutting: PC 100 actually heals pinholes and spot corrosion with an A-rated cathodic disbondment by not undercutting like traditional epoxies.

4.) Non-ablative surface: It inhibits microbiological contamination and prevents acidothiobacillus growth without the use of sacrificial bacteriacides or mildicides that use themselves up over time.

In an earlier blog, we posted a funny picture of our “celebration” at Disney World after winning this award. Obviously that was meant for fun, but our sincere appreciation of winning the STI/SPFA Affiliate New Product of the Year is real.

Additionally, we would like to thank all of those STI/SPFA members who voted for Perma-Clean 100 Ceramic Epoxy and who support Induron Coatings.

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