Projects using industrial protective coatings


The City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa hired HR Green Engineers to develop plans and specifications to replace the aluminum containment dome on their Roughing Filter #2. The recommendation was made to apply Induron Ceramasafe 90 ceramic-modified cycloaliphatic amine cured epoxy as a protective coating to the new aluminum dome structure as well as the concrete base. The Ceramasafe 90 was specified along with two other products, each of which required application with heated plural component spray equipment, in order to provide corrosion protection in this uber-corrosive atmosphere. Champion Coatings was the successful painting contractor and chose Ceramasafe 90 because it can be applied with conventional spray equipment in one spray application, thus saving time and labor.

It is especially beneficial to be able to spray Ceramasafe 90 over concrete, backroll to push the product into voids and then finish spraying to achieve the specified dry film thickness, all wet-on-wet. Champion Coatings was very impressed with the ease of application.

PROJECT:City of Cedar Rapids, IA WWTP
LOCATION:Cedar Rapids, IA
ENGINEER:HR Green- Cedar Rapids, IA
PAINTING CONTRACTOR:Champion Coatings-Savage, MN
PRODUCTS USED:Ceramasafe 90 at 25-40 mils DFT

Pickering 2 MM gallon Clearwell

When this two million gallon, ¾ below grade tank was emptied, it was discovered that numerous structural repairs were necessary. This resulted in excavation around the below grade portion of the tank's exterior to access those areas in need of repair. While this excavation was in process, it was decided to also completely strip the exterior and repaint it. The product that was chosen for this application was Induron's Permaclean 100, a 100% solids ceramic filled epoxy. It was chosen because it could be applied at a high build in a single coat (< 25 mils). It could also be applied in cold weather (temps down to 30'F), and it would allow the above grade portions of the shell to be top-coated with the same intermediate and finish coats as were to be applied on the roof. Also, the ceramic beads would provide the abrasion resistance necessary for the backfilling operation as well as prevention of the previous corrosion problems. Finally, this is the product that Aqua Pennsylvania uses for protecting the interior of their tanks. It carries NSF certification in applications up to 50 mils and it was to be used as the finish coat on the interior of this tank as well.

This emergency repair and repainting operation took place over the snowiest winter Valley Forge has seen in 50 years. The project was completed by the June 1st deadline and the tank was successfully placed in service with no water quality issues whatsoever.


2,000,000 partially below grade Clearwell – Pickering Treatment Plant
LOCATION:Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
ENGINEER/INSPECTOR:Mumford/Bjorkman Associates
CONTACT:Dave Hughes (610-525-1400)
PAINTING CONTRACTOR:I.K. Stoltzfus Service Company – Manheim, PA
PRODUCTS USED:PE-70, Perma-Clean 100,Induraguard S/G & Indurethane 6600 Plus.


On 2-22-11 the city of Gainesville, GA bid out the recoating of five pre-stressed concrete tanks located at two water treatment plants. There were four 5 MG tanks and one ½ MG tank. Two coats of Induron AC 403 Acrylic Elastomeric were specified. Over 2,000 gallons were used. The painting contractor, MOPAC, was very pleased with the ease of application and the performance of the AC 403. The city was very happy with the appearance.

         After                 Before

Repainting 4 x 5 MG & 1 x 0.5 MG Concrete
Water Storage Tanks
LOCATION:Gainesville, GA
ENGINEER:Gainesville Public Utilities
CONTACT:Matt Tarver 770-538-4977
PRODUCTS USED:AC 403 Acrylic Elastomeric


Jefferson County's Village Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is located directly under one of Birmingham's most commonly-traveled air-traffic flight paths—which offered the perfect opportunity for making a statement to visitors and residents.

The 3 Million Gallon Wash Water tank is impressive on size alone, but what makes this such a special project is the fact that the structure houses office, meeting and change spaces in its Dry Riser section. An idea originated by Project Engineer Gary Owen—who rightly takes pride in noting that, "By housing those spaces in the Dry Riser section—rather than in a separate structure, Jefferson County saved over $1 Million."

Built and designed by Chicago Bridge and Iron, the tank's best-known feature is the Jefferson County "buffalo nickel" logo on the top of the tank—the same logo found on county manhole covers. A perfect reproduction of the original design, it was painted using a giant computer-generated stencil.

For the project, Induron recommended the Indurethane 5500 system—which utilizes the following: Epoxy primer shop-applied. Epoxy paint field-coated. Indurethane 5500 finish coat. Indurethane 5000 clear coat.

Completed in 2003, "The paint job still looks brand new," Owens says, "and there were no skippers. Which is indicative of the quality of the coating system we used."

ENGINEER: Gary L. Owen & Associates
PHONE: 205-982-9806
OWNER: Jefferson County Commission – Environmental Services Department
FABRICATOR:Chicago Bridge & Iron
PRODUCTS USED: PE-54 Epoxy, Ruff Stuff 3300 Epoxy, Armorguard Epoxy, Indurethane 5500 Enamel, Indurethane 5000 Clear Coat
AWARDS:Steel Plate Fabricators Association Elevated Tank of the Year 2003


Originally opened for business in 1882, Sloss Furnaces produced iron for nearly 90 years. Now recognized as a National Historic Landmark, its web of pipes—and its tall smokestack—stand today as the ultimate symbol of Birmingham's industrial past.

Induron was selected to participate in the highly-publicized blast repaint of Sloss Furnaces. According to Patton Bradford, who headed the local operation of Atlanta-based Daca (the project's General Contractor), "There were two critical goals for the repaint: Protect the structure from corrosion, and restore it to its original 'Primer Red' appearance. In other words, we almost wanted it to look like it hadn't been painted at all."

Among the special challenges Daca had to deal with were lead containment issues—which they handled with draping and negative air. Given the project's critical goals and challenges, Induron recommended a mastic epoxy, plus two coats of Aquanaut Acrylic—an environmentally-friendly dryfall paint that's especially effective on jobs with a prevalence of angles and edges.

"Induron gave us good field support," Bradford continues, "including site inspections and quality control. And with their plant being located near the project, they were certainly on top of all materials ordering and delivery coordination." Any number of certifications were required for this project—which was completed in 2002. And if we do say so ourselves, the paint has held-up beautifully!

PROJECT: Sloss Furnaces Blast Repaint
LOCATION:Birmingham, AL
ENGINEER:Lane, Bishop, York Delahay
CONTACT:Win Bishop
OWNER:Birmingham Park & recreation Board
CONTACT:Dennis Morgan
PRODUCTS USED:Induramastic-85, Aquanaut Acrylic


Winner of the Steel Plate Fabricators Association "Ground Storage Tank of the Year" award for 2004, the owner and engineer on this project (Huntsville Utilities) originally requested bids for three coats of Induron's PE 54, and three coats of a competitor's product.

During the bid-evaluation process, a key Huntsville Utilities engineer just happened to be inspecting a cutaway piece from another, nearby company tank. A tank which had been coated 18 years earlier with Induron's Ruff Stuff 3300. When he saw that the coating was still going strong, he asked Induron to re-bid the job using the same product. After all, why mess with success?

The happy result of that decision: With Ruff Stuff, the tank required only two coats of paint—thereby reducing labor costs by 1/3. "Other than the difficulty of transporting equipment to the tank's remote location," remembers Jason Laxson, "this project went fairly smoothly." Which may not make for a particularly interesting story, but it did make for a much-appreciated industry award!

PROJECT:5 Million Gallon Ground Storage Tank
LOCATION:Huntsville, AL
ENGINEER:Huntsville Utilities
CONTACT:Jason Laxson
OWNER:Huntsville Utilities
FABRICATOR:Fisher Tank Company
PRODUCTS USED:PE-54 Epoxy, Ruff Stuff 3300 Epoxy, Armorguard Epoxy, Indurethane 5500 Enamel
AWARDS:Steel Plate Fabricators Association Ground Storage Tank of the Year 2004