With Induron’s Ceramic Epoxies we’re ready to “Put our money where our mouth is” with an unprecedented 15 year warranty for immersion service in water tanks.

How is this possible you ask? Because we have over 30 years of experience with ceramic epoxies in water tanks, sanitary sewage and other immersion exposures with no documented failures on substrates that have been abrasive blasted with grit.

All of our ceramic epoxies use the same proprietary technology that’s coated literally thousands of miles of sanitary sewage pipe and hundreds of water tanks.

To offer this 15 year warranty we have to eliminate as many variables as possible that can affect the service life of the coating system. Most  of the variables can be eliminated by proper inspection of  field surface preparation and painting.

Some of the variables are:

A field inspected project using Induron’s PERMACLEAN 100 brings these advantages:

Induron ceramic epoxies have performed well over the last 30 years, that’s why we’re willing to warrant our ceramic epoxies for up to 15 years. We know from experience they’re going to last longer than that.

If you’re ready to put a coating system inside and out on your tank that will last so long we’ll have to remind you that you specified it, give your local Induron representative a call.